Oslo police called to 44 knife crime episodes since New year

Police at work in OsloPolice at work in Oslo.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

During the 55 first days of this year,there have been 44 knife crime episodes in Oslo shows a survey done by Aftenposten newspaper.

Oslo police district doesn’t keep statistics, but the newspaper added up the knife events the police have reported on their Twitter account.

The survey shows that the majority of the events occurred within Ring 3, most of them happening in the evening or at night, and most cases in Grønland and Tøyen, where eleven of the events occurred.

They also wrote that four of the episodes had been stabbings,and there have been eleven cases where threats with a knife had been made.The others had been fights, robberies,attempted ransom takings, and carrying a knife in public places.

From 2013 to 2018,there has been an increase of 34.1% in the number of reported cases involving knife threats. However,there has been a decrease in the number of reviews for carrying knives in the same time period.

Police officer, Hans Sverre Sjøvold of the Oslo police district,told the newspaper that knife use has increased.He is mostly concerned that ever younger people are using a knife to commit crime.

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