Oslo police chief supports an armed police force

Oslo police chief Hans Sverre SjøvoldOslo police chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Oslo police chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold has changed his mind on weapons.He now believes that the police should have a weapon holstered on the hip.


“When a situation with our force and the public change, I think it is best that we arm the force,” says Sjøvold to TV 2.

He was present when the police force in Oslo participated in a major counter-terrorism exercise in front of Parliament on Monday.

The scenario they practiced resembles what has been seen in several places in Europe recently: A suspect attempts to hit people with cars, then attacks others with a knife.

“In such a situation, the police must shoot the driver immediately. It does not help that they have to search and locate a magazine (clip) or unlock a box to get to their firearm,” says Sjøvold.


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