Oslo Police intensifies efforts against computer crime

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo police will strengthen the group investigating sexual abuse committed through the use of internet and social media.

A separate group of new investigators will be working exclusively on digital tracks and abuse committed via the Internet, the newspaper Dagsavisen writes.
– This kind of investigation is demanding. We need to create a special group to work with these cases, otherwise we will end up completely behind the times. The better we are at the process of uncovering the important information, the more cases we will uncover,  Chief Inspector Kari-Janne Lid, head of the section for sexual offenses in the Oslo police, explains. Nearly half of all sexual assaults that are reported in the capital, also have left digital tracks.
The police often have to investigate adolescents who own or share  sexualized images of young people under 18, which is a criminal offense. Police are trying to get young people to understand the seriousness of these issues.
– We take this very seriously.These days youth take  pictures of everything they do when awake and share it with their friends. That’s why we want to strongly warn against taking or sending images that you would not want to end up on the wall at  school, ie images that can not stand the light of day, says Lid.
These images can go astray and be used to pressure the one pictured to send new pictures or commit serious sexual acts on herself or himself,  the police officer explains.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today