Oslo police publish price list of fines for breaking corona rules. Here are the details

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The police in Oslo warn that they can issue fines for breaches of the coronavirus regulation. This weekend, a party organizer was fined NOK 10,000.

The police have previously announced that they would be stricter in following up local coronavirus restrictions in the capital, and on Tuesday they issued a list of fines for infection control violations.

The police are now cracking down on partygoers and people who do not wear face masks.

Here’s the list of fines:

*NOK 20,000 for breaching quarantine or isolation rules.

*NOK 2,000 for not wearing a face mask on public transport when it is not possible to keep a meter distance from fellow travelers.

*NOK 2,000 for not wearing a face mask in shops, in the common areas of shopping centers, in restaurants, in religious and philosophical institutions, and on the premises for cultural, sports and leisure activities, when it is not possible to keep a meter of distance.

*NOK 10,000 for organizers of parties with more than ten participants or parties in venues which are too small for keeping distance.

*NOK 5,000 for those who attend such parties. In case of serious violations, the fine rate can be doubled.

*NOK 20,000-50,000 for violation of coronavirus restrictions on the sale and serving of alcohol in restaurants.

Party fines

The police stated that they were notified of noise in an apartment in Oslo last Friday, where there was allegedly a large party.

When the police arrived, they met several people inside the apartment and some on their way out.

“It turned out that a party was held there and more than ten people were present in the apartment,” the police wrote in a press release.

The organizer of the party received a fine of NOK 10,000.

The police say that they could also prosecute the partygoers.

They are now working to identify those who were present at the party in question.

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2 Comments on "Oslo police publish price list of fines for breaking corona rules. Here are the details"

  1. VERY good to see this.

    Thank you, Norwegian government and law enforcement, for decisively trying to protect us.

  2. Hrvoje Pleskina | 14. November 2020 at 11:06 | Reply

    What about a Kommune that’s not following the rules?
    There’s a case where one person was covid-19 positive,and the same person is living in kolektiv with 3 other people.
    People who are in charge for corona cases in Bergen Kommune told to rest of the people just to stay in isolation (quarantine) in the same house with the one who is covid-19 positive,even though they knew that all 4 of them are sharing the same kitchen and bathroom.They also said that those 3 guys don’t have to go and test themselves even though on the Bergen’s Kommune website states that everyone who was in contact with the covid-19 positive should get tested.
    So that means they wanted to isolate all 4 people instead of isolating one who is covid-19 positive by sending him in Covid-19 hotel.
    So they left the rest of 3 non tested people to stay with one who is positive,risking there’s lives and health.And now they are saying that it was misunderstanding,which it wasn’t since the case was explained to them by multiple phone calls.
    When a person who is a Norwegian (born and raised)called them and told them the story about the case that’s similar to this one,to that same person they told they will put positive one to the covid-19 hotel,after that that Norwegian person how called them just asked:”how come that you said to those people who are foreigners to stay all together in the same house without sending the other 3 guys out for a testing,and isolating the one who is positive from the rest of the people”?
    In that moment people on the call central in Bergen Kommune were speechless.
    Isn’t that discrimination?
    Where are the rules and fines for the government’s organizations which are breaking the ruls and not following the law?
    I just have to say it’s the case where foreigners live,not Norwegians.
    So basically it’s like :”you’re not Norwegian,just keep paying the tax and we don’t care about you and your health “.
    Best regards,
    Hrvoje Pleskina

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