Oslo Police: “Teens have Guns & Machetes”

Police at work crisisPolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Norwegian Broadcasting Corp.(NRK) reports that Oslo’s Groruddalen & Holmlia police districts have suffered threatening confrontations with juveniles & young adults 33 times since this past September, 2017.


Police patrols within these districts are reporting an increase of youths who use threats of violence against the police while also attempting to prevent routine police duties or patrols ; sometimes brandishing illegal weapons.

NRK releases that from September 1, 2017 to just last week, May 1st, the Oslo police registered 33 incidents of civilians trying to prevent or hinder police work; an increase over 2017’s 20 logged cases & 2016’s 14 logged cases.

Police say they’ve seen more instances of congregate youths & adults who suddenly become aggressive and try to prevent police from deploying within the area.

Upon arriving at a scene or within an area; the police sometimes find juveniles armed with weapons; posturing with taunts of violence & refusing to follow police orders to disburse.

John Roger Lund, head of Oslo police unit East gave comment, saying;”Police are called to a non-serious case, but upon arriving it suddenly, violently escalates.”

Police officer Jan Erik Bresil in the Gate Patrol commented to NRK, saying; “We now have heavier episodes with very young people than we’ve had before.’ –

“I’ve seen situations where police are confronted by youths threatening with guns & machetes. These (threat attacks) are mostly done by juveniles & young adults from 14 to 20 years old,” said Bresil.

The city of Oslo sponsored an investigation of Oslo’s crime statistics; The Salto Report, slated for release later today, May 8th.

The report indicates that in 2017, Oslo police processed about 480 people under 22 years of age, with 151 of those under 18 & holding a minimum of 4 offenses. These 151 souls account for 37% of offenses committed within Oslo. The majority of these are children from immigrant backgrounds but legally regarded as Norwegian citizens.

After Oslo’s 2015 low crime stats; the city’s juvenile crime rate has about doubled.


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  1. “The majority of these are children from immigrant backgrounds but legally regarded as Norwegian citizens.”

    How surprising.

  2. Are there no legal
    ramifications to these youths?

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