Oslo police tightens its grip on the criminal environment

Police Inspector Einar H. AasOSLO.Police Inspector Einar H. Aas..Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

Police in Oslo have since last September worked against a particular criminal environment in the capital. Recently, seven people have been arrested and imprisoned.

The investigation, which goes under the name “Operation Remotia” led police to go into action on May 18, and thus arrested and detained seven people between 19 – 21 May, the newspaper Dagbladet reports.
They are charged with serious detention of a 45 year old man of Iraqi origin. After being exposed to extreme violence, he was abducted from a parking lot at Holmlia in Oslo in September last year. Thereafter he went missing for two days.
The victim testified that he managed to contact an acquaintance over the phone and later escaped to freedom. Others have testified that he was released. Except one, all of the accused refuse to have any involvement in the case.
One of the arrested people is understood be the leader of the gang environment. He does not have any previous convictions. The man’s lawyer, Benedict de Vibe, says his client denies guilt and denies that the man is a gang leader.
Einar Aas, chief at the section for organized crime at the Oslo police said all of the accused belong to a criminal  environment the  police does not want to see develop.