Oslo praised for snow ploughing

Oslo Snow Ploughing WinterSnow ploughing in Sweden. Oslo experienced heavy snow last winter, but coped well according to report. Photo: Pixabay.com

Oslo praised for snow ploughing last winter

The population in Oslo has high expectations regarding snow ploughing. Too high, according to an external consultant hired to assess the job done last winter.


The audit firm Ernst & Young has examined how Oslo municipality handled the enormous amounts of snow last winter. The report concludes that the Oslo City Environment Agency (OBME) did a good job with the snow ploughing, writes the online newspaper Vårt Oslo.

– There are several indications that many users have too high expectations for winter operations and expect clear street standards after heavy snowfall, he says.

OBME registered a total of 19,000 complaints on the winter maintenance, and the agency’s Communications Director, Richard Kongsteien, states that it was a very demanding winter with a massive pressure from the public, the media and politicians. On top of that, the great pressure comes to clear the snow away ASAP.

The report shows that the police and ambulance service were pleased with the accessibility through the winter.

Representatives of the Elderly Council in the municipality, the Norwegian Association for the Blind and the nursing homes were interviewed for the report as representatives for the pedestrians – and they don’t share the satisfaction. Much of the criticisms that have been made against the municipality, has been a lack of sufficient snow ploughing of pavements and such.

– This winter extra money will be set aside for winter maintenance of the sidewalks, especially within Ring Road 3, Kongsteien informs.


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