Oslo requires radical changes to avoid spread of virus

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The City of Oslo fears many passengers and little respect towards the infection preventative measures in the city’s public transportation services in autumn. The Municipality demands immediate action from the government. 

-” As society opens up again, there are more people who will want to use public transportation, and it will be impossible to comply with the preventative measures.” says Arild Hermstad, City Councilor for Environment and Transport,  to NRK.

He hopes for public transport to be open with an increased capacity through the so-called Copenhagen-model. This means that it is only face-to-face contact on the bus that is to be avoided and this opens public transportation to 70 percent capacity instead of 35 to forty percent with which it operates today, according to Hermstad. 

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  1. Again, the cheap/billig, washable/reusable “cloth masks” recommended by our Center for Disease Control for the public to wear in public – like on public transportation! – should be made readily available in packs of 5 or so.

    Norway got on top of the virus by acting quickly and decisively with the early lockdown – British doctors are saying that if lockdown had been imposed there even just a week earlier only half as many people would have died – and it should act early/similarly about facemasks.

    And again according to that South China Post article, the deadly droplets (let alone aerosol/vapor which can concentrate in a closed atmosphere like t-bane/subway cars) have a far greater range on a bus than the conventional position about that.

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