Oslo: Romanian man sentenced to prison for presenting false corona test

Passport controlPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

The Oslo District Court has sentenced a Romanian man to 30 days in prison for presenting a false corona test to the police. The man confessed to the crime

On November 24, the man showed a negative corona test to the police in connection with an immigration check, according to the newspaper Avisa Oslo.

All visitors from so-called “red” areas must present a negative corona test when they arrive in the country. 

However, the police quickly suspected that the test was false.

Confessed to the crime

The man was convicted of perjury and confessed to the crime in the district court. 

The prosecution requested 45 days in prison for the man, but the court chose to set the sentence at 30 days.

False documents that show that one has tested negative for coronavirus, with a doctor’s statement, can be bought on the internet for NOK 185 and in any language according to the police, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on November 24.

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