Oslo turns “dark red” on the EU’s corona infection map

OsloPhoto: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Oslo has gone from “red” to “dark red” on the EU’s infection control agency’s (ECDC) updated infection map. Along with Oslo, 26 other European areas also registered a worsening infection situation.

In Norway, Oslo turned to “dark red,” while Agder and Viken turned “red.” The rest of the counties are “orange” on the ECDC map.

In Sweden, the infection situation in Middle Norrland has improved, and the Swedish region changed from “red” to “orange.” The same applies to Central Jutland and North Jutland in Denmark, as well as Cyprus.

The EU’s infection control agency ECDC’s risk assessment helps form the basis for the National Institute of Public Health’s (FHI) infection map.

While the situation has improved in some European areas, it has worsened in a total of 27 areas in the last week.

FHI’s update

The FHI will update its maps on Friday. Based on the update, the government will make a final decision the same day, before the changes take effect from Monday.

If you’re coming to Norway from an “orange” or “red” region, the requirement is, among other things, that you must go into entry quarantine. 

However, this does not apply to fully vaccinated people or those who had coronavirus in the last six months. Travelers from “dark red” countries must also carry out parts of the quarantine at quarantine hotels.

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