Ottar demonstrate against the verdict in gang rape case

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Ottar will demonstrate against acquittal in gang rape case

Ottar is at the forefront of several organizations who will demonstrate in Oslo for women’s legal rights after three men were recently acquitted of gang raping a woman.


The Norwegian legal system has not learned anything from the Hemsedal case

We can not accept this lawless state anymore. We need a system that also provides justice to women. Therefore, we call for a demonstration in front of the Parliament on Saturday, May 20, the Women’s interest Group Ottar writes on Facebook.

The reaction comes after three men, including a writer and an editor; Friday was acquitted in the Oslo District Court for gang raping a woman,

They were nevertheless ordered to pay NOK 672,000 in compensation and damages. Two of the three were accused of having carried out a sleep rape in an apartment in Oslo in late March 2015. the person was charged with complicity by photographing the icident.

The women’s group Ottar reacts to parts of the verdict regarding the verdict from the Oslo District Court concerning the claim for compensation.


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