Over 100 people will be quarantined after an outbreak of the virus in Bergen

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Well over 100 people in Bergen must be quarantined after three people tested positive for Corona in recent days, according to the municipality. 

Currently, there is talk about a three-digit number of people who may be infected, explains Brita Øygard, The Director for The Agency For Health Services in Bergen Municipality, Informs Bergens Tidende.

The authorities are now trying to work out where these people have been. 

-” The infection detection work is not done yet. We believe that there will be well over a hundred in quarantine when we are finished.”, she says.

The Municipality is aware that the infected have been at training centers, malls, and used public transportation, They are now working to round up those who have been in contact with the infected. 

-” I do not know if we will be able to get them all today.”, she says. 

Øygard continues to say that not all of them are in Bergen anymore. Those concerned have to be tested in the municipalities they are in.

A man from the main naval base in Bergen is among the three who were infected. He was hospitalized with the virus before the weekend and earlier this Sunday it became known that 40 people from the armed forces had been quarantined as a result. 

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