Over 1,400 tips in abduction case

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen abductionMissing. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.Photo: Politiet / NTB scanpix

The police still do not want to say what kind of discoveries have been made concerning the supposedly abducted Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. 1,407 tips hav come in.

On Thursday, the police ran a scan of the property in Lørenskog in Akershus.

“Specifically, the police carried out a 3D scan of the property, so that this can be digitally visualized” said police inspector Tommy Brøske in a press release on Friday.

Before the weekend, divers from Oslo joined fire and rescue services in Langvannet, which is located next to the property of Anne-Elisabeth
Falkevik Hagen and her husband, billionaire and investor, Tom Hagen.

“We cannot comment on the kind of findingsthat Langvannet made” said Brøske.

As of Friday morning, the number of tips that came into the case-handling team was 1,407.

That means that 27 new tips have come in since Wednesday afternoon.

Two people who are on a surveillance video from the Futurum building, where Tom Hagen has an office, were still not identified.

68 old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has beenmissing since October 31st last year. The police assume that the woman was abducted from her home at Fjellhamar. The disappearance had been kept secret until recently. The police have confirmed that there have been both threats and demands for ransom in the form of crypto currency.

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