Over 200 people have died from the coronavirus in Norway

Ullevål hospitalUllevål hospital.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

Another corona infected person in Bærum has died. Consequently, 201 people who have been infected with coronavirus have died in Norway.

The person passed away at an institution, Bærum municipality reports.

In total, there have been 23 coronavirus deaths in the municipality.

Earlier on Saturday, Vestre Viken health authorities reported that an elderly person diagnosed with corona infection died at Bærum hospital. The patient died on Friday.

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  1. Compared with other countries’ death tolls, this is an incredible, wonderful achievement by Norway’s government and healthcare system!

    However, again, it is due to the Høyre government’s early, decisive extreme lockdown, and without everyone facemasking – even if only with the homemade, “cloth” facemasks recommended by the U.S. Center for Disease Control – coming back up out of lockdown, that success and safety will be thrown away … senselessly … and many hundreds … probably thousands … more will die, senselessly.

    *Every* measure must be taken against this deadly, insidious disease.

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