Over a hundred attended a Christmas-covered party at the DNT cabin

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Both Christmas porridge with almond and Christmas buffet were on the menu for around 110 people who had already booked a place at DNT’s cabin at Haukeliseter on Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas and New Year, Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge is open, and according to the order figures from Little Christmas Eve, 23rd of December, 15 people more decided to spend Christmas Eve on the high mountain this year than last.

– “Interest is growing, and there are only more and more Christmas guests,” says communications adviser Mette Øinæs Habberstad in the Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) to NTB.

This Christmas season, more guests are expected than before. The lodge can announce that they are awaiting between 90 and 150 guests, compared to lats year’s 80 and 140 guests.

Øinæs Habberstad says it seems to be becoming more and more popular to spend Christmas at Haukeliseter. Some guests return year after year, but there are also many new ones.

– “Those who have worked here for a long time say that there has been a significant development in the number of visitors over the last three years. 4-5 years ago many of the Christmas guests were family and friends of the staff,” says Øinæs Habberstad.

Haukeliseter mountain lodge is located on E134 between Oslo and Haugesund and can accommodate 150 guests.

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