Over half miss snow

Future winters will cost Norway expensiveLittle snow. Photo Norway Today Media

55 percent would have liked to have had more snow, while 32 per cent said they were pleased that there was less snow than usual in Norway, according to a study by Dagbladet.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos and 938 people were asked before the winter holidays: “It has been a mild winter without much snow. Which of these descriptions is best for you? ” followed by response options.

While one in three replied “I’m glad there is less / no snow”, and half replied “I would have liked more snow”.

According to Dagbladet, those who miss it, is greatest in central Norway, where as many as 69 percent would have liked to have more snow, while only 20 percent are glad that there is less snow than usual.

On a nationwide basis, 12 percent responded that there was snow where they lived, so the question of wishing or pleased was not relevant – some of the country’s residents actually have snow so it doesn’t make a difference, even this year. This is especially true in Northern Norway, where as many as 70 percent say that the question is not relevant to them. They apparently have enough snow, and some more.

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