Overall satisfactory water quality

water qualityWater quality, Photo: Norway Today Media

In 2015, around 99 per cent of inhabitants connected to municipal waterworks were provided with acceptable drinking water in terms of content of thermo-tolerant intestinal bacteria (E. coli). This level is the same as previous years.

Furthermore, slightly less than 99 per cent of the same inhabitants were supplied with satisfactory water quality in terms of colour, while 97 per cent were supplied with satisfactory water quality in terms of acidity (pH). This constitutes roughly a 1 per cent increase for both colour and pH compared to the year before.

Around 1 100 municipal water works
Around 4.4 million inhabitants in Norway were connected to the 1 120 municipal waterworks located around the country (not including those serving only schools and kindergartens). This corresponds to a share of 85 per cent of Norway’s population. Dispersed across the water distributing system, this implies an average of 97 inhabitants per kilometre of pipeline. When also including private waterworks, the total is around 4.6 million inhabitants and 1 950 waterworks.


Source: SSB / Norway Today