Parents wanted by Interpol

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media


The police have charged a couple from Stange in Hedmark with abducting their  nine months old twin daughters. The family is now want by the Interpol.

– This is a case of child abduction which is investigated under the criminal law provisions on care evasion. Our view of this case, is that it just gets increasingly worse each day,  Bjørn Egil Drangevåg, prosecutor at Asker and Bærum police station, says to TV2 news.

CPS took the twin girls away from the young couple  shortly after their birth. The allegation was that her mother is mentally retarded and therefore not fit to provide care. TV2 writes that two new psychologist reports show that this is wrong.

When the couple, who are 24 and 21 years old, heard that they would not get  their children back, even after the new assesment,  the  family fled  to Poland.

– The girls are doing well. The main thing is that they are doing well. We understand that not everyone agrees with what we have done, but this is the way it will be. We did it because of the girls, and that’s what is most important here,  the mother says to TV2 from Poland.

The polices urge the parents to turn themselves in.
– Contact the police, wherever you are and we’ll help you home,  Drangevåg says.
CPS does  not want to comment on individual cases.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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  1. Shame on you ‪Norway‬ !!!! Leave the family alone!!! Get your hands off their children and LET THEM BE!!!! ‪#‎stopbarnevernet‬ It is obvious that you don’t give a *** about their best interest. You have an agenda and you’re destroying families and lives in order to meet your quota! When will you stop?

  2. Norway the s… hole of our era. I would sincerely move to North Korea rather than to norway. I believe those crazy communists are more humane than these PC nazis. I am continuing to spread the truth about what a hell hole that country is. People are shocked to learn the truth.

  3. What interest does Barnevernet has in this kids if they are Polish nationals and they are now in Poland?? Isn’t that ridiculous?

  4. Norway is The most comunist country in europe and barnevernet is above The law . Even if you prove they are wrong and even if a court rules that they are wrong , they still have the power to not respect the decision and not return the childrens. Is a terrorist organization and ppl they should treat them like that. They destroy families and children’s future for their own interes to make more money. The uncle of my wife worked for them in the past and is an old lonely,rich man who doesn’t have a good relationship with his son but is better than the natural parents to take care of other kids. Is not that strange????

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