Paris discusses total ban on electric scooters after fatal accident

Electric scootersPhoto: Geir Olsen / NTB

After a new fatal accident, the authorities in Paris are discussing a total ban on electric scooters if the suppliers do not tighten speed limits and introduce other measures.

The safety of the use of the approximately 15,000 electric scooters in the French capital is controversial. After an Italian woman died after a collision two weeks ago, the authorities in Paris are now threatening suppliers with a total ban.

It is forbidden to ride electric scooters on sidewalks in Paris, and it is also not allowed to have more than one person on them. It is also not allowed to drive faster than 20 km/h, and it is forbidden to park them on sidewalks. But many people, both residents and tourists, either ignore the rules or are not aware of them.

However, following the recent fatal accident, the Paris authorities are now demanding that suppliers further tighten speed limits and other rules of use.


“Either the situation improves significantly and the electric scooters find their place in the public space without causing problems, or we will consider getting rid of them completely,” Deputy Mayor David Beliiard said.

From Wednesday, suppliers such as Lime, Dott and Tier must ensure that no one drives faster than 10 km/h on electric scooters in several zones in the center of Paris, including the popular areas of Place de la République and Bastille Square.

Big cities such as New York and Barcelona have a total ban on electric scooters.

In Norway, restrictions on the use of electric scooters have been introduced recently, and the issue remains controversial.

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  1. Depack Chopra | 10. July 2021 at 10:48 | Reply

    You can drown in a puddle of water. Did you know this?
    Driving at lower speeds can still kill you.
    Tripping up and falling you can end up dead depending on how you land, and what part of your body takes the impact.
    Eating a sweetie can kill you if you swallow it wrong.


    I will tell you what I see, propaganda on easily affordable means of transport that does not use fossil fuels.

    Go figure!

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