Stortinget says no to Listhaug’s cuts in Norwegian lessons

Sylvi Listhaug waggingSylvi Listhaug (Progress Party).Photo

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug will not get the support of the Parliament to for her proposed cuts in Norwegian lessons at asylum centers.

On Monday several of Listhhaug’s asylum austerity proposals were rejected by a majority of the municipal committee of the Parliament. On Thursday, the minister was asked to increase  the amount of time set aside for teaching the asylum seekers at the Norwegian reception centers Norwegian.
– The committee has decided to reject the proposal of reducing the amount of Norwegian lessons for the asylum applicants by 50 hours in the Norwegian. To know and speak our language is a prerequisite for success in the Norwegian society and a key to integration efforts. This ought to be given a higher priority, not a lower priority,  Christian Democrat Geir S. Toskedal, says.
The Immigration report  includes 69 proposals and was submitted by Listhaug in May as a follow-up to Stortinget’s integration agreement.
The parliament positive to 50 hours of instruction in social study
Toskedal stressed that the parliament endorses the proposal of 50 hours of instruction in social studies, including equality of the sexes, for new arrivals at the reception centers, but not that they get the resources to do so, by taking them away from Norwegian lessons.
Listhaug writes in an email to VG that she sees it as a step in the right direction if the parliamentary majority says yes to the Government’s proposal 50 hours of classes in social studies once the asylum seekers arrive in Norway, but decline to comment that the majority is not willing to “finance” this introductory course by cuts in Norwegian lessons.
– There are no people who just leave their attitudes and values behind as soon they cross the border, and we have to give all asylum seekers a thorough introduction to Norwegian values, laws and regulations from day one. Values such as freedom of expression, equality of the sexes and democracy are fundamental to our society, and everyone who comes here has to accept them, the Minister writes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today