Parts of the border fence at Storskog to be moved one centimeter


Norway is treading Russia a few centimeters too close with the disputed border fence at Storskog. Now 50 meters of the fence have to be moved.

– We have made new measurements today, and then we have in consultation with the Border Commissioner determined that the lower part of the fence must be adjusted from 1 centimeter at least 15 centimeters at most, says communications director Hege Njaa Aschim in Statsbygg to the newspaper VG.

In the border agreement between Russia and Norway it is stated that a four meter wide zone along the entire 196 km long border line should be free of obstructions.

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen attracted international attention with his effort to secure the border with Russia.

The 200-meter long and 3.5 meter high boundary fence has a price tag of 4 million, or NOK 20,000 per meter.

The fence stretches 100 meters into the terrain on either side of the new port at the border station at Storskog.

Some, among them South Varanger mayor Rune Rafaelsen, have stated that the fence is completely unnecessary, while others believe it harmonizes poorly with Norway’s self-image as a “humanitarian superpower.”


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today