Pass on the accelerator in 2017

UP police at workUP police at work.Photo: Erik Johansen / SCANPIX

Proposed New Years Resolution: Stay within the speed limit, because in 2017, you can get speeding tickets of up to NOK 10,000.

Car and traffic

If you go on to 126 km / h in a 90 zone, that could result in a fixed penalty of ten thousand kr.

This is the result of the new speeding ticket rates that will be introduced on New Year’s Day.

The ministry also will sharpen speeding fines even for minor offenses in the speeding 30 km / h class.

Expensive breach of obligation to give way

Get caught with a speed of 5 km / h over the speed limit, you must pay 750 kr – instead of 600 kr as of today. Add a further 5 km / h, you must pay 2050 kr, according to NRK news.

Violations of the obligation to give way will be a 6650 kr fine, and cycling without a headlamp can cost you 1150 kr.

For traffic’s minorities, it can be mentioned that for Segway riders who stray onto a road with a speed limit over 60 km / h, the fine will be raised from 2000 to 2,150 kr.

“We believe fines and quick reactions have a preventive effect and contribute to behavior change,” says acting UP chief Roar S. Larsen to the newspaper VG.


Source: VG / Norway Today