Passengers are requested to avoid using Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7A man walks past an advert for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in London, Britain.Photo REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) asks travelers not to use Samsung’s new model Galaxy Note 7 onboard an aircraft, because of the risk of battery explosions and fire.

Travelers are advised not to turn on or charge the mobilephone  onboard and the FAA says that mobile phones should not be packed in checked in baggage  either. Airlines and aviation authorities are concerned that the mobiles can catch fire.

Samsung Electronics recalled  the new top model Galaxy Note 7 last week just two weeks after launch, after 35 cases were reported  where batteries had exploded during charging.

The South Korean company also stopped sales in ten countries, amongst them Australia. The Australian airline Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin decided on its own initiative that passengers cannot use or recharge the Samsung phone whilst the plane is in the air.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today