Patient in intensive care at local Norwegian hospital dies due to poor routines

Akerhus hospital Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision has revealed that poor routines to ensure early detection of a worsening condition were the reason behind a patient’s death at a local hospital.

The patient was admitted to a ward at a local hospital. During the hospitalization, the patient’s condition significantly deteriorated. 

The decision was made to transfer the patient to a hospital with a higher level of care. 

While waiting for air transport, the patient’s condition worsened.

Severe organ failure

When examinations showed signs of severe organ failure, a place was arranged for the patient in the intensive care unit, but there was still a need for transfer to another hospital.

The patient remained at the local hospital due to poor weather conditions for flying and a lack of resources to accompany the patient to the airport. 

The next day, the patient died of multiple organ failure.

Among other things, the audit pointed out that there was no person in charge of the intensive care unit with real authority to prioritize which patients had the greatest need for a place in the ward.

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