Patient journals on-line in Health South-East

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Digital Patient journals online in Health South-East

The patient journal system supposedly functions as normal, reports Oslo University Hospital after important data systems were out of service throughout Health South-East.


The hospital adds that they maintain green preparedness until further notice.

On Friday morning, the hospitals in Health South-East had to change to old-fashioned paper journals because the electronic patient journal system Dips went belly-up. The system was down for several hours until 6 pm on Friday night. Then Oslo University Hospital could report that it worked as normal again.

Pen and paper

Sykehuspartner, which supplies ICT services to the entire health area, notified as it was clear that the system was down, that they switched to red emergency preparedness. Red means that all resources are put in place to solve the situation as soon as possible.

When the situation arose, it was unclear how many hospitals in the health region which were affected. But both the Oslo University Hospital and the Vestfold Hospital reported that they switched to pen and paper to update the patient journals.

Green and Yellow

The administration in Health South-East confirmed that several hospitals were affected early on Friday afternoon, and everyone had changed to manual routines.

The hospitals reacted differently to the incident. While Oslo University Hospital chose green emergency preparedness, Vestfold Hospital went for yellow emergency preparedness. Sykehuspartner announced red alert.

“Green means that we imposed minor emergency management. and amplifies the ICT function. Life and health are not at risk because of this situation. We have not been in red alert since the terrorist day on July 22nd,” Information Consultant in the Health company explains to NTB.

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