Patients lose rights to treatment when doctors make errors

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Patients may disappear off waiting lists, and lose their right to treatment if the doctor ignores a field journal.

The new Patient Rights Bill of 2016 gives patients the right to assessment or treatment by a certain date.

According to TV2, there are still virtually no patients receiving their legal right to treatment via this court, which is due to the doctor ignoring the field in the register where it is decided which rights are due to the patient.

In many of the country’s hospitals, fields are pre-populated with the investigative right, and if the doctor doesn’t change this, the patient loses the right to treatment within a certain time limit.

The patients also lose the right to receive treatment at another hospital or abroad through Helfo if the hospital can’t offer treatment within the deadline.

‘Now we have made an assessment of how the rights of patients may be affected by this registration practice, and what we found when we considered it, was that the registration system practiced by DIPS eHealth registration systems could affect what rights patients can claim’, said Executive Vice President, Johan Torgersen, of the Health Directorate.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today