Pedestrian died in a collision at Gardermoen

Emergency services at the location where a pedestrian lost his lifeGardermoen.Emergency services at the location where a pedestrian lost his life.Photo : Remi Presttun / NTB scanpix

A male pedestrian (from China) died after being hit by a truck on Sogndalsvegen at Gardermoen on Friday night.

Police in Romerike announced at 20:30 on Friday that there had been a serious accident. Justan hour later, it was reported that the person who was hit, was pronounced dead.

During the evening police worked to establish the identity of the deceased, which should have gone along the road at the county road 120, Sogndalsvegen, at Gardermoen.

According to Romerikes Blad it has been very dark and there have been no street lights on the place where the accident occurred. The newspaper writes that there are witnesses to the collision, but it must have been hard to understand what happened at the forefront.

– It will be carried out investigations on the premises of the police and accident group in NPRA, said operations manager Trond Lorentzen in Eastern Police District.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today