The most «pee-fines» in Norway

Manneken Pis pee-fee pee-finesLuckily, this little fellow is not in Stavanger. Manneken Pis is still to be found in Brussels. Photo:

The most «pee-fines» are issued in these places in Norway

The Southwest Police District garnished the most in «pee-fines» in Norway last year. The most were found with their pants down, aka urinating in a public place, in Kristiansand.

This is revealed in a (silly season) mapping performed by Stavanger Aftenblad.

Oslo and Troms are not included, as they don’t have stats available.

A total of 155 persons were fined for urinating in the public by the Southwest Police District in 2018. As all of them had to fork out NOK 4,000 for putting the wrong head on display, the state garnished a total of NOK 650,000 in «pee-fines» in the Stavanger area alone.

2019 figures are, as of July 1st, close to last year’s. 75 persons have, thus far, been urinating in full view of ever vigilant Norwegian police.



Yellow rain in Kristiansand and Bergen

However, if you look at the number of fines per capita, Agder Police District tops the statistics. In Kristiansand, 60 such fines were issued in 2018, while 31were caught, watering the wrong lawn, so far this year. Bergen comes in as #2 (for doing #1). 54 of them were issued «pee-fines» last year, while 39 has failed to cross their legs this year.

“There are mainly drunken persons who, during weekends, can’t find other ways to relieve themselves, who are caught in the act” Station Manager at Stavanger Police Station, Odd Tveit Jørgensen, explains.

The rate for urinating in public varies between police districts. In the Southwest Police District, the fine increased to NOK 6,000 in April 2019. It has added approx. NOK 400,000 to the coffers so far this year, and has thus forked in the largest sum in «pee-fines» throughout Norway.

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