Most people who came via Storskog will not be granted stay in Norway

StorskogKIRKENES.Storskog.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix


In the autumn of 2015 a total of 5,465 asylum seekers came to Norway via the Storskog border station. 1,050 of these have been granted residence in Norway. More than 3,000 have had their asylum application rejected.

Numbers ABC Nyheter has received from the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) show that 3,120 of the asylum seekers who came to Norway from Russia over the border station at Storskog in Finnmark, has had their application for asylum rejected. 1,150 of the cases were dismissed for various reasons.

Nearly 1,000 are already returned to Russia, but of those who remain half were listed as disappeared last autumn.

In a letter from the Immigration Services (PU) to the Ombudsman dated 28/10/2016, as ABC Nyheter has previously disclosed, it emerged that 2,128 of the 4,551 remaining asylum seekers has disappeared from asylum centres. Some of those have been found.

– As of today, 1,220 of the asylum seekers who came via Storskog are still listed as disappeared, UDI stated on Tuesday.

Of these, 550 have been processed and their case and been rejected. 610 cases have been dismissed. 40 have safe third countries to return to. In addition around 20 asylum seekers “have assorted records of poor quality,” according to UDI.

Dismissed cases are cases where the applicant has chosen to withdraw the application or who is dismissed because the applicant has left Norway or that Norwegian authorities do not know where the person is located.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today