People defy advice not to bathe after sewage spills in Oslo

HvervenbuktaOslo.Hvervenbukta.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

For the time being, the municipality of Oslo does not advise people to swim in Hvervenbukta in the Oslofjord. The reason is a sewage spill that occurred on Monday. Still, several people were bathing on Tuesday.

The City Environment Agency reports that there were major problems with the toilet facility in Hvervenbukta on Monday. It turned out that the pumps, pumping up to the pump station were not working. This led to a lot of sewage running down the beach.

Despite signs of the situation, many people were on the beach and several were bathing.

The municipality has blocked off the area where the sewage has run out. The toilets are closed and the sand will be replaced Wednesday morning.

A bathing water sample was taken Tuesday morning. The answer will be available Wednesday morning, and the municipality will then send an update with the new status. Signs about the issue were put out on the beach.

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