People have confidence in the Government’s management of the Coronavirus crisis

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Two-thirds of the population said they trust the authorities’ handling of the Coronavirus, according to a survey that also found support for the Right increasing.

Support for Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) is also increasing, said the survey that Ipsos conducted for Dagbladet.

The Centre Party and Socialist Left Party or SV bounced back on the survey, while the Progress Party (Frp) fell back to the level before the party broke away from the government.

In the survey, the respondents also answered how much confidence they have in the authorities’ handling of the Coronavirus: 19 percent said they have full confidence; 48 percent said they trusted the government and 25 percent responded they had confidence. Only 7 percent said they have low or no confidence, reports Dagbladet.

Confidence is particularly high among right-wing voters, with 90 percent saying that they have full or great confidence in the government’s handling.

Solberg’s popularity has also risen since the last survey.

“Solberg’s support has been low for a long time. She is now in her 77th-month as prime minister and she has not achieved such good results as this in over 1.5 years,” said Mads Motrøen, who is responsible for Ipsos’ barometer of political parties, to the newspaper.

The survey also showed that 45 percent said they think she is doing a good job compared to 37 percent last month.

The support for the parties is as follows: Red 4.7 (+1.2), SV 9 (+1.9), Ap 24.9 (-0.9), Sp 17.4 (+2.6), MDG 4 , 4 (-1.0), KrF 3.7 (+0.1), V 2.6 (-0.9), H 20.8 (+2.0), Frp 11.4 (-2, 8).

Among 1,000 respondents, 649 respondents answered during the period 18 to 20 March.

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3 Comments on "People have confidence in the Government’s management of the Coronavirus crisis"

  1. vivien hill | 20. March 2020 at 20:18 | Reply

    read the fine print—over 65 ? ..necessary hospital admittance can be refused.
    (ref. …6 months approved crisis laws)
    Laid off work–?–how long until unemployment starts..workers have children…!

    There is always an afterwards–make it better for the children ..not worse.

  2. Good to see Centre Party gaining strength. It seems most concerned about Norway rather than lock-stepping to any pre-disposing ideology. The Høyre/Conservative Party is at least better than what would be the alternative.

    As to the government’s handling of the corona crisis, that crisis has just started and already health services are being stretched. And unlike the Chinese government, Norway’s government still has not made wearing masks mandatory.

    Meanwhile, things are heating up in Syria, and BulgarianMilitary com – which seems to be the most informed and impartial – says that Jens Stoltenberg is recklessly talking about getting NATO into it … which indeed risks starting World War 3, since that will bring direct contact/conflict with the Russians.

    Despite the Russian-Turkish agreement, the terrorists are launching attacks with Turkish backing against the Syrian Army, and Russia has now given “both” sides the ultimatum that the agreement will be cancelled if this isn’t stopped.

    The terrorists blocked Russian units from accompanying Turkish units in the joint patrols they were supposed to conduct, and American detachments blocked Russian columns on 2 occasions in the past few days, so the Russians have put together a much stronger column and are expected to push through.

    NOTHING is being said about this on Russia Today, which only shows how worried the Russians are about a “major war” starting there.

  3. Lou Coatney | 20. March 2020 at 21:29 | Reply

    Correction/clarification: Although these groups have had Turkish backing, Turkish tanks/vehicles were not involved, which is a major reason the attacks failed.

    It *is* the responsibility of the Turks to stop their allies’ attacks, though.

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