People ignore open fire ban – the fire department worries


The fire department is upset that people are ignoring the open fire ban in or near forest or wooded areas. Now the police and the fire department will enforce the ban stronger.


“The last thing we need right now is a large fire in the field caused by a one-time use grill,” writes Oslo police district on Twitter.

The announcement is in support for the emergency (110) central station in Oslo, which on Saturday sent several tweets with warnings to people to take seriously the great risk of forest fire in wooded areas and the total ban on the use of open fire.

– Huge support towards the emergency services call! Hope you all out there can respect this, it’s mentioned in the message.

Threatens with fines
Despite the fact that open fire in and near forests has been completely banned for several days, the fire department is observing complete ignorance from people in parks and other nature area. Fire trucks with fire officials were earlier on Saturday inspecting camp grounds for campfire and barbecue pits in open-air areas. The result was disappointing and the police are now threatening fines if people continue to ignore the ban.

“Many are grilling and we have experienced little understanding when mention the open fire ban. Dear Everyone: It is very dry and there is a high risk for forest fire hazards right now. Do not light up as little as a match in nature,” Oslo’s 110-center writes on Twitter in a very clear call on Saturday afternoon.

No mercy
The fire department now warns that their people will interfere if people continue to ignore the ban: “Fire trucks will be out in exposed hiking areas throughout the day, and then there will be no mercy: grills and bonfires will be extinguished and fire officials will determine if you are reported to the police” it’s mentioned in a tweet about the situation.

– There are many who grilling. We are trying to make people stop, but unfortunately there are many who do not understand the seriousness and just keep on grilling, even though we have given them information about the consequences, “said Stig Duaas, Norwegian commissioner at Norwegian Fire and Rescue Service.

Extreme fire hazard
Prolonged dry and warm weather has occasionally caused extreme forest fires, to the extent that even Bane Nor must drop planned welding in exposed areas. The situation is critical in several places in southern Norway, where a number of municipalities have put a ban or strict restrictions on the use of fire.

The ban on the use of open fire also applies “in the areas around water and parks close to wooded and forested areas,” emphasizes Oslo police district.

– Violation of this injunction may be citation and fined, writes the police.


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