People in Oslo’s substance abuse environment are being corona tested

intoxicatedIntoxicated.Photo: Pixabay

The municipality of Oslo is increasing test capacity in collaboration with non-profit actors. People with symptoms in the open substance abuse environment in Oslo are being tested.

Fransiskushelpen’s service Nursing on Wheels (Sykepleie på hjul) is among those who will corona-test some of the most vulnerable on the streets of Oslo.

“We know that our patients belong to a group that is not always able to use the health care system in the same way as the rest of the population. But we feel that we have high confidence in the substance abuse environment and often come into contact with those who may have slipped through the net. That is why we think it is nice to be allowed to assist with street-level testing,” says Gunnar Thingnes, department manager at Fransiskushjelpen.

There are people with respiratory ailments, fever and other symptoms that will be tested.

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