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People have regained confidence in chicken meat

Fried chicken KronfågelFried chicken. Photo:

After Norwegian chicken producers removed the substance narasin, consumers have renewed confidence in the flesh.

In 2014, a hail of criticism came at the Norwegian chicken producers after the Veterinary Institute found significant instances of resistant bacteria in animals. It was the use of narasin in the feed, an agent which combats intestinal illness, which led to a protracted media storm around chicken producers.

Now, says quality manager Christin Schaumburg Bjønness in Den stolte hane to the Nationen, that confidence is returning among consumers.

– Phasing out narasin from our chicken production has gone better than expected, she says.
Sales of chicken decreased after the great media attention in 2014, but in 2016 the growth is high.

– Looking at turnover per month, growth is far above 2015 and significantly above the level in 2014, says CEO Fredrik Stream in Den stolte hane. Nortura, Den stoltne hane and Norsk kylling have phased out the substane.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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