More people seek Violence Victim Compensation

criminalCriminal: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX NB1 Modellklarert

More people seek compensation as victims of violence, but the situation continues that only a partial percentage of people are familiar with the scheme, claimed the Office for Victim Compensation.


In 2016, there were 39,584 cases that could have provided a basis for victim compensation. The Office for Victim Compensation received 4529 applications last year, reported Klassekampen newspaper. That was 507 more applications than in 2015. Also in 2017, a number are available still to apply.

Director, Marit Zahl Jonassen,  respects that not everyone wants to apply, but believes that the numbers who do apply suggests that better provision of information about the scheme is needed.

‘We are concerned that anyone who is eligible for victim compensation  knows about the scheme, and can choose if they want to apply or not,’ she said.

‘Additionally, we are aware of all the countless cases that are never reported. In family law cases,
for example, people may be reluctant to report a spouse’, explained Zahl Jonassen.

The relationship must be notified in order to apply for victim compensation, but no court judgment is required, and cases may also have been dropped by the police.

To claim for victim compensation, the requirement of a body of evidence is lower than in criminal law.

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