People warned not to swim in polluted Oslofjord



Due to the water condition of the Oslo fjord the municipalities around the Oslofjord are now allowing to warn people against swimming there. That has never happened before.

Extreme Precipitation in the region over the weekend has led to such poor water quality that municipalities across in Bærum and Asker warning people against bathing, written Budstikka.
The water may contain such large amounts of intestinal bacteria that you can get sick.

The bacteria can be pathogenic if the water is swallowed or comes into contact with wounds. This applies especially young children who tend to consume more bathing water than adults.

– We have never gone out with such a warning for the entire municipality earlier. In consultation with the municipality superior and the department of water and sewage, we concluded that we warn people against swimming at all bathing beaches in the fjord, said Lisbeth Sloth at Office of Public Health in Bærum.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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