Per Sandberg of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) will meet Krekar’s lawyer

Attorney Brynjar Meling and Mulla KrekarAttorney Brynjar Meling and Mulla Krekar.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Frp Deputy and Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, will meet Brynjar Meling after Krekar’s defence lawyer said that Frp was one phone call away from removing Krekar from Norway.


Two weeks ago, lawyer Brynjar Meling told Nettavisen newspaper that the Krekar case could find a solution.

‘’If Frp wants to get Krekar out of the country, they are one phone call away. If the government makes contact, there are opportunities for a solution,’’ Meling said.

Now Per Sandberg answers the challenge, but does it as a deputy leader not as a fisheries minister. He believes Meling understands that the government can not meet him and referred to the power distribution principle.

“But as a deputy leader in Frp I can meet him. I am willing to sit down and listen to what Meling wants and what he thinks. Then we’ll see if something comes forward that I can bring along,” said Sandberg to Nettavisen.

He explained that he can proceed with Frp and the party’s parliamentary group.

“It’s no wonder we’re looking forward to resolving the Krekar case.

Then we’ll see if that’s something Meling says that we can move on,’’said Sandberg, who expects the lawyer to contact him.

Meling answered that he will gladly meet Sandberg if the Deputy is thinking that he can influence the right authorities.

Mulla Krekar, or Najumiddin Faraj Ahmad, is still waiting for the case against him and several defendants to come up for trial in Italy.

The case has been postponed several times, the last time until the 28th of May.


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  1. It’s a total disgrace how this man has used the Norwegian system and I hope they can finally get rid of the parasite.

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