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Per Sandberg wants collaboration with Labour

Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg Dublin TransfersMinister Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Photo:


Per Sandberg wants collaboration with Labour

Minister for Fisheries, Per Sandberg (Frp), believes that the Progress Party and the Conservatives must collaborate with the Labour Party to succeed in obtaining a predictable fisheries policy.


In an interview with the Fiskerbladet (The Fishieries news)  Sandberg says that he will personally take responsibility for such cooperation becoming a real alternative before the next parliamentary elections in four years time, but that it is not currently applicable.

– I am confident that what I have achieved as Minister of Fisheries is what is still needed to continued predictability in the industry. This must not be thrown overboard by a change in Government, he says.

– We need Labour to side with us, Sandberg emphasizes.

– We are not far apart on the matter. The Progress Party and the Conservatives can, together with Labour, create predictability for fisheries and aquaculture. The industry needs this, and we must therefore agree to ensure political predictability in the future, says the Minister of Fisheries.

He believes that cooperation with the Labour Party to be possible.

– I am  being contacted by Labour people from all over the country who agree with me all the time, so therefore this is what I believe, Sandberg replies, who also says he is interested in continuing as the Minister for the Fisheries.

– If Erna wants me, I’ll continue, he concludes.


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