Permanent Employee from the institution in Haugesund has been charged

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An employee at an institution in Haugesund municipality is charged with sexual assault. The abuse allegedly took place for about a week ago.

Police Attorney Thor Buberg in Haugesund police said the accused is a grown man and that he is interrogated and then released because it is not considered to be a risk of destruction of evidence, writ Haugesund newspaper.

– The employee is taken out of service with immediate effect. We have informed the County of Rogaland and we submit to the police what they asked for, said municipal director Sissel Hynne Haugesund municipality.

The accused denies guilt, said by lawyer Cecilie Andal Aarvik, who speaks out while attorney Erik Lea is on holiday.

– I was with our client during interrogation by the police. He is unable to understand the charges, saying Aarvik to Haugesund Newspaper.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today