A person is arrested under suspicion of arson in Oslo early Sunday

Firetruck GjøvikFiretruck. Photo: Norway Today Media

A person has been arrested, suspected of having started three small fires at Haugerud in Oslo in the early morning hours Sunday. No personal injuries have been reported.


“There are three fires that we believe are related. We suspect they were purposely started.” says operations manager Marita Aune in Oslo police district to NTB.

Aune says police were notified of the first fire, in a storage shed in Tvetenveien, at 04:30 sunday. Shortly after, we received calls for another two fires, these in Dr. Dedichens road which is nearby.

There the plastic recycling containers were lit. The police were already in the area investigating the first fire.

“We have reason to believe that those fires all were started after 04:30,” said Aune.

At 08:30, Aune confirms that a person has been arrested, suspected of having starting the fires. No personal injuries have been reported, but the police are taking these incidents very seriously.

“It’s a serious situation when people go around and begin fires. It can quickly escalate to something larger.” says Aune.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today