Person died in front collision on Dovrefjell

Front Collision,Illustration Picture: Front Collision, Photo: Pixabay

Died in Front Collision

A person died when a car collided with a large truck on the E6 at Dovrefjell Monday afternoon.


– A person is confirmed dead at the place of accident. Several witnesses reported that the car was coming in a counter-lane, reports the police in Sør-Trøndelag on Twitter.

 Two people were involved in the accident. It is not known if the other person was injured in the front collision.

 The accident occurred near Kongsvold Fjeldstue in Oppdal municipality.

 The E6 is blocked at the accident location, and the Road Traffic Center states that the road will be closed for several hours in connection with investigations.

 There is a detour on the county road 29, Hjerkinn – Folldal and Riksvei 3, Tynset – Ulsberg.


Source: NTB Scanpix / Norway Today