Peru combats deforestation

PeruPerus statsminister Fernando Zavala og climate minister Vidar Helgesen reaffirming their tight partnership to compat deforestation and climate change.Photo: Government

Peru, Norway and Germany have agreed to affirm their partnership to reduce climate emissions from deforestation.

Norway and Germany promise to pay Peru a total of about 400 million USD, aimed at projects to stop deforestation or for actual results in reducing deforestation of the Amazon. The countries also agree to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change.

President Pedro Pablo Kuzcynski and his administration by this comfirms Peru’s plan to combat deforestation and promote green investments. The aim is to reduce deforestation significantly and achieve zero net carbon emissions from forests and land use change by 2021. Another major goal is attract green investments for the production of deforestation-free goods and services in Peru.

Last week, climate and environment minister Vidar Helgesen fro Norway met Perus Prime Minister Fernando Zavala in Lima. They then signed a joint declaration confirming that they stand by the promises of an agreement entered into with Perus’s previous government in 2014.

-Peru is committed to the conservation of forests and green employment based on the development of sustainable activities to improve the quality of life for the rural population, says Prime Minister Fernando Zavala.

Vidar Helgesen assured that Norway will be a long term partner of Peru in this effort and increasingly reward Peru for results in protecting the forests.

-Peru has the fourth largest tropical forest cover in the world, and plays a critical role in delivering the Paris Agreement climate change targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, said Mr. Helgesen.

Norway has pledged to pay a total of 250 million USD to Peru if the country reduces deforestation and thus CO2 emissions.  During the coming months, Peru will establish a new fund that will manage the payments from Norway. The third party of the agreement, Germany, has pledged 140 million Euros, or about 156 million USD with its current projects in the field of protection and sustainable management of Peru´s forests .

-The leadership of President Kuczynski and his government will be decisive in Peru´s endeavour to combat deforestation, while promoting economic growth and sustainable management of the rich Peruvian biodiversity, commented the Ambassador of Germany to Peru, Mr. Jörg Ranau.


Source: / Norway Today