Phone fraudsters are active: – Do not call back


Scammers have called up more Norwegians from a telephone number starting at + 88216 this weekend. Do not dial the number again, is the advice from Telenor.

The fraudsters want people to call them back so they can earn money on the tariffs, according to security adviser Thomas Kopperud in Telenor Norway.

According to Kopperud, this is about international actors who create telecom numbers and try to make the most calls possible.

“We can estimate that tens of thousands of calls  have been made from the +88216 number to Norwegians this weekend,” says Kopperud.

He tells us that this is the second wave of calls from this number sequence.

“The previous wave was in March, and then we ended up  blocking the possibilities for several thousand number combinations,” says Kopperud.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today