PHOTO: 2,000 Norwegian anti-tank rockets are on their way to Ukraine

Anti-tank rocketsPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

On Thursday, Norway sent 2,000 M72 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to contribute to the Ukrainian fight against the Russian invasion. The plane carrying the missiles took off from Gardermoen without any problems.

In the morning, the rockets were packed into a Hercules C130 transport aircraft at Gardermoen. Just before 10 o’clock, the plane took off from Gardermoen without any problems.

“It’s an anti-tank weapon. You can say that it is an individual’s weapon against tanks,” Commander Remi Jakobsen from the Norwegian Armed Forces’ logistics organization (FLO) told NTB.

“It is a relatively simple weapon to use. It is a defense against tanks, and it could have an effect there,” Jakobsen said.

The rockets will be sent to a third country before being transported to Ukraine. The Ukrainians have asked the West for weapons to fight the Russian attack.

Arms shipment

The weapons were sent from the military part at Gardermoen airport on Thursday. A relatively large press corps had turned up to watch the arms shipment.

Two trucks loaded tightly packed pallets with sleeping pads, field rations, and anti-tank missiles on board the transport aircraft.

After a final functionality check of the propellers, the plane took off to an unknown third country.

Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB

New development

Large parts of Europe have chosen to provide the with Ukrainians weapons. In countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Germany, that marks a break with years of tradition and legislation against weapons being sent to countries at war.

There has been broad agreement in the Norwegian parliament (Storting) to change the Norwegian practice and send weapons to Ukraine. The Red Party (Rødt) and the Socialist Left Party (SV) were against changing the practice.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) said that Norway is offering arms support to defend Ukraine against the military attack from Russia.

Warning from Russia

“We are thus on the same line as close allies and the other Nordic countries. Norway has a restrictive practice for the export of defense equipment, but Ukraine is now in an extraordinary situation,” Støre said.

“This is a contribution to support Ukraine in their defense against the military invasion. These are weapons that are easy to use,” Minister of Defense Odd Roger Enoksen (SP) stated.

Russian authorities have warned countries not to send weapons to Ukraine.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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3 Comments on "PHOTO: 2,000 Norwegian anti-tank rockets are on their way to Ukraine"

  1. Again, this aggressively gets Norway and these other NATO countries into the Ukraine War with Russia outside Article 5 *defense* protection.
    But the worst thing about this is that the Russians can’t root out individual soldiers with these individual but deadly weapons without losing many infantry and other troops to do it.
    So they won’t. They’ll use thermobaric weapons to incinerate every – including innocent – living thing in areas of resistance, so Norway and the other countries are only adding to the carnage and suffering of the Ukrainian people they are claiming to help.
    And the Russians can always escalate the weapon level even farther, which they have fairly warned us they will, if they have to do so.
    This war hysteria the Europeans are building is only to their – our and our loved ones’- self-destruction.
    Lemming Fever.

    And Norway is breaking its 100 year old equal access Svalbard treaty with Russia conditionally decreeing a no-fly zone over the islands. If the Russians aren’t bringing in military personnel and equipment, this is pointlessly escalating the North, and the Washington DC, London, and Brussels neocons *want* to fight their war against Russian in Ukraine and North sideshows.

  2. Again, the West must instead accept the Russians’ need for a Monroe Doctrine type treaty buffer – security – zone of neutral nations around them like we have in our own hemisphere, or the alternative is ultimately nuclear war and the complete and utter destruction – suicide – of the West (including the U.S.) … as well as Russia … leaving China to reign.

  3. Perfect points!
    As an American living in Norway I see, understand and live with the mismanagement and bad choices due to a few seeking significance on the world stage for Norway. You woud think they are being held at gun-point. Fuel just jumped up again, well over 8 bucks a US gallon. Highest e-energy prices and they say they want us all in electric cars? Norway has been selling off much of their water produced electricity so other lands can meet their green quotas and plans. This is all a crock!!! The hypocrisy is astounding. Nothing to see, take one for the team, democracy costs so PAY the price and get paid back tenfold…in another life or in vertue points because there will be much more suffering to come.

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