PHOTO: Two people stabbed in Trondheim, the police are still looking for one perpetrator

Armed policePhoto: Ned Alley / NTB

Two men were stabbed in a short time in Trondheim on Saturday night. One man has been arrested in one case, while the police are still hunting for the perpetrator in the other.

The first incident was reported from Møllenberg at 9:02 PM. There, a man in his late 20s was found with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Armed police were still looking for one or more perpetrators in the case on Saturday night.

“This is a serious incident. We have conducted initial conversations with the victim and witnesses, and the police are in the process of technical investigations at the scene,” John R. Sødahl Furunes in the Trøndelag Police District stated in a press release on Sunday night.

Received possible description

On Sunday morning, police attorney Anne Haave told the newspaper Adressa that eight witnesses have been questioned so far. No one has been arrested so far.

“There are witnesses who have given a possible description of what may be the perpetrator or perpetrators,” she said.

She also stated that the police had had initial conversations with the victim. The violent incident must have taken place outdoors.

The police moved out after a report of stabbing at Møllenberg in Trondheim. One person was injured and sent to St. Olav’s hospital. Photo: Ned Alley / NTB

17-year-old seriously injured

The police were notified of the second stabbing at Ila in Trondheim at 10:07 PM. There, a 17-year-old boy was seriously, but not life-threateningly, injured.

An 18-year-old man was arrested nearby shortly after the attack. Haave said that the man had been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm. According to her, this stabbing incident took place indoors.

Furunes said that, so far, there does not appear to be any connection between the stabbings.

“We currently have no indications that these two incidents have anything to do with each other,” Furunes added.

In a press release at 2 o’clock Sunday night, St. Olav’s hospital stated that the teenager was being operated on due to his injuries. The man in his 20s is being treated in the intensive care unit.

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