Three hospitalised after a plane crash

Plane crash Rescue HelicopterA 54-years-old man is suffering from life-threatening injuries after crashing with a Piper PA28 in the ocean outside Mandal. Photo: R. Rasmussen / Redningsselskapet.

Three hospitalised after plane crash outside Mandal

Three persons are picked up from the sea after a small plane crashed outside Mandal on Saturday. Two of them suffer from minor injuries. the condition of the third is listed as critical.

The small plane, of the type Piper 28, was commissioned by Agder Police District in connection with the search for a presumed dead person. The missing man fell overboard from the passenger ferry MS Stavangerfjord outside Mandal last night.

Coastguard vessels and two Sea King helicopters, as well as several boats and vessels, participated in the search for the small aircraft.

“It is HRS who has coordinated the search, which has now resulted in a helicopter locating three persons assumed to have been in the plane. These were transported to hospitals in Kristiansand and Oslo,” Chief of Staff of Agder Police District, Morten Sjustøl, writes in a press release.

“Two men are both suffering from minor injuries,” Sørlandet hospital tweets.

the condition is listed as being critical for the third, a man (54) who was airlifted to Ullevål Hospital in Oslo.

The men were found in the ocean, hanging on to flotsam from the wreck, according to Fædrelandsvennen

There were no police officers on the plane which crashed. Relatives are informed.


Sjustøl says that Agder police district approached Kjevik Flyklubb to request a plane for the search.

“The aircraft that we normally use in this type of assignment was on service. Thus, we got assistance from a plane from Sola,” he explains.

The Main Rescue Centre, southern Norway (HRS) was notified that the aircraft was missing at 4.09 pm. A search was immediately initiated. The wrecked plane has not yet been found, but HRS is confident that anyone on board has been accounted for, according to VG.

The police are investigating the case in cooperation with the Accident Investigation Board Norway to find the cause of the plane crash.


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Lots of waves and wind

The skipper of the rescue vessel Bill, Frode Johansen, was one of those who participated in the night’s search for the presumably dead man.

“The search started last night, around half past one. It continued through the night, as there was a lot of waves and wind. The conditions were tough for us,” he tells NRK.

He further tells informs that the crew returned to land around 7 am in the morning. Shortly thereafter, at 4 pm, the message came that a small plane had crashed.

“We got some rest before it was time to go out again,” Johansen explains.

He concludes that there was turbulent sea during the search last night, but that it was calmer on Saturday morning.

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