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Plastic bag whale gives visiting record

plastic bagsVindenes,Norway.Researchers found 30 plastic bags in the stomach of beaked whale.Photo: Christoph Noever / UiB / NTB scanpix

Plastic bag whale gives visiting record

The beaked whale found with 29 plastic bags in its stomach at Sotra in January, has given visitors record for the Historic Museum in Bergen.

Last opening day in June, there was a 87 percent increase compared with June last year. The university-driven museum has never had so many visitors in June before, NRK reports.


The museum has built an exhibition around the content of the whale. The exhibition opened in April. The whale skeleton itself does not come into place until 2019.

The beaked whale is relatively rare in Norwegian waters and is an attraction in itself.

– It is touching us to see that these animals are exposed to our plastic waste. Clearly, we see people becoming engaged, and this is not a story they forget. This is something they want to see and will do something about, says project manager Siri Skretting Jansen.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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