Plastic waste concerns people the most

plastic bag fee shoppingPlastic Bag. Shopping. Photo: Pixabay

Nine out of ten Norwegians are very concerned about plastic waste in the sea, while eight out of ten are concerned about environmental pollution in general.

The survey was made by Opinion among 1,000 people in a representative sample of the population commissioned by the University of Bergen, Bergen Municipality and the Institute of Marine Research, in connection with the ocean conference “The Ocean” which starts this week. The results are presented in VG.

Highest on the list of cause for concern for Norwegians is plastic waste that ends up in the sea. 87 % of those surveyed said they are extremely or very much concerned about the plastic problem in the ocean.

The next main concern is general pollution of the environment, of which 78 % of Norwegians are quite concerned, while 66 and 65 % respectively – two out of three – say they are concerned about biodiversity decreasing and that there will be more extreme weather.

In fifth place, the greenhouse effect, which to a large or very large extent, concerns 55 % of the respondents, while almost half (47 %), worry that the sea level will rise.

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