PM Støre asks China to take a clear stand against the Ukraine war

Jonas Gahr StørePhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) called on China to take a clear stand against the war in Ukraine when he spoke with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Friday.

China’s voice has weight, and with it comes responsibility. Today, I had an open and constructive conversation with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang. I emphasized that China should state a clear position against the war in Ukraine, in defense of the UN Charter and international law, Støre wrote on Twitter.

China has not condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine yet. It abstained from voting when the UN General Assembly did so last month.

“China, which says it places great emphasis on UN regulations and its right to territorial integrity, also has a responsibility to help stop Russia’s war of aggression,” Støre said in a press release.

China’s position

He believes China’s position on the issue is important and affects the country’s global reputation, especially in Europe.

Other topics discussed by Støre and Li Keqiang include the climate and the growing trade between Norway and China. 

Støre also called on China to contribute to the global pandemic coalition ACT-A.

In addition, they talked about human rights issues.

“I recognized China’s accession to the ILO Convention on Workers’ Rights. I clearly expressed Norwegian concern about the development in Xinjiang and Hong Kong,” Støre said.

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3 Comments on "PM Støre asks China to take a clear stand against the Ukraine war"

  1. Jonas seems to be really getting into this war. If it were only himself.

    China is unlikely to lean on Russia, especially since it sees us responsible for causing the war, not giving the Russians the fair security treaty they need and we owe them after all our past broken security promises and moves against them (which I’ve listed here on NT before).
    In any case, letting the West and Russia knock each other out is to China’s strategic advantage.

    But the 2nd of the 9 motives I have identified for Biden&Blinken’s decisive opposition to the treaty and wanting and getting the war is another explanation:

    1. To return the world to an economically and politically (and militarily) segregated bipolar Cold War state, to safeguard Western economic and political hegemony. The old New World Order agenda which Joe actually said!

    2. To pursue the World War 2 strategy of knocking off the European opponent before the Asian opponent, to regain for the U.S. and West strategic military hegemony.

    3. To have a major war to finally get that Democrat war powers dictatorship Joe Biden, John McCain, and Joe Lieberman tried to get in 1999 just using our Kosovo war as the pretext, and the Washington Post has already eagerly hailed Joe Biden to be a “wartime president.”

    4. Consistent with the Democrat line that Trump and the Republicans were and are pro-Russian to the point of treasonous, to politically polarize Americans into “pro-war patriots” vs. “anti-war traitors” – the latter like myself being rational, realist dissidents opposing the holocaust their pro-superpower-war policy is propelling us into.

    5. To have a neocon “major war” to spur the economy, let alone our military-industrial complex. [Tyler Cowen, 14Jun14, NY Times]

    6. To “re-unite” the Country with – what else? – a war, except there won’t be anything left of it/us to re-unite.

    7. Regime change, as Joe himself recently indiscreetly confirmed, hoping that the Russian people will rebel politically, especially if the war appears to be going badly as it appears it is. Except Russia has now declared martial law.
    8. To deflect public attention away from charges that Joe and Hunter Biden were themselves involved in corrupt Ukraine machinations.

    9. To deflect public attention away from the Ukraine government’s illegitimacy – being a coup government – and its Nazi backers.

    And Joe Biden was actually talking up the war happening – “Prepare for impact!” – to Volodymyr Zelensky’s great nervousness and after it started has gloated he has Putin in a quagmire.

  2. Something else:
    It appears that Putin may declare war on Ukraine on Victory Day – May 9 – if not on NATO, since we are in fact at war against Russia.
    Hitler turned Leningrad into a concentration camp, isolating and starving it. Putin’s 2 year old brother Viktor died in the siege and both his parents nearly died in the war.
    As I have written before, even though not Jewish, he is a Child of the Holocaust, and others like him have shown no mercy to the Christians and Muslims they have ethnically cleansed from Palestine.
    The Russians were our allies who fought the central European campaign of WW2, and 27 million innocent men, women, and children died in the East – 18 million of them Russian.
    The Russians have suffered Total War, while we Americans and the West did not. (Norway’s occupation was harsh, but except for Jewish people, it wasn’t genocidal like Nazi occupation in the East was.)
    Since the fall of the Soviet regime, we the West have betrayed our security promises to the Russians.

    I am very worried that an apparently dying – Parkinson’s – Putin may have now become grimly determined to teach us the West what TOTAL war is really like.

  3. Vernon Childers | 1. May 2022 at 15:11 | Reply

    A good read is”War is a Racket”. What is going on in Ukraine is making several people rich.

    As for the U.S.A. we have never seen a treaty that we couldn’t renege on. Our word is useless.

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