Poland declares Norwegian diplomat undesirable in their country

The Norwegian Government’s strategy for cooperation with PolandPolish flag. Photo: pixabay.com

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) announced on Monday that Poland’s consul, Slawomir Kowalski, is undesirable as a diplomat in Norway. Poland responded with the same coin.

“As the situation has become, and in line with international practice, a Norwegian diplomat is no longer welcome in Poland” said a statement from the Polish Foreign Ministry on Monday.

Acting Communications Manager, Kristin Enstad, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said it is disappointing that Poland chose this type of retaliation in this case.

‘’We have not received complaints from the Polish authorities about the behavior of Norwegian diplomats in Poland. It is therefore
completely unreasonable that Poland, as a reaction, expels a Norwegian diplomat she said.

“For Norway, this is about the behaviour of a single diplomat in the face of Norwegian authorities and not about the issues he has worked with” she said.


Earlier on Monday, Enstad informed NTB news that Poland’s consul,Slawomir Kowalski was ‘undesirable’ as a diplomat in Norway.

“This happened because his personal behaviour was not compatible with his role and status as a diplomat” she said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received repeated complaints about the consul, which, among other things, were about threatening and partly violent behaviour toward public officials, and that he had prevented them from working.

He has also refused to comply with orders from the police, and on some occasions has been reported to the police. The consul’s behaviour has been repeatedly addressed by the Polish Embassy in recent years.

Had to declare him unwanted

According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Norway is entitled to declare people with diplomatic status in Norway as undesirable. This implies, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an obligation for Poland either to revoke the person in question or to terminate his service at the embassy.

‘’The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Polish authorities to call home the consul, which is a normal procedure before anyone is deprived of their diploma status with privileges and immunity in Norway. When this request had not been complied with, the UD has had to declare him undesirable as a diplomat in Norway’’ said Enstad.

Child welfare conflicts

Kowalski has been mentioned several times by Norwegian media in connection with cases related to child welfare in Norway. Among other
things, he had contributed actively in assisting Polish families who have been in conflict with the child welfare service.

The UD asked in January that Poland call home the consul, but Poland’s Foreign Minister, Jacek Czaputowicz, stated that the consul would be in office as planned until the end of June.

The Polish Embassy has not responded to NTB’s inquiries about the case.

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  1. Brawo polska

    • Thumbs down for Polska. The Polish politicians become more idiotic by the day. And so do their milking cows. I would like Poland to be thrown out of the EU. It would of course mean a change of the cleaning lady.

  2. It seem that Norway is not aware of Nazi Germany practice during Second World War in Poland – over 200,000 of Polish children’s was forcibly removed from parents and brutally Germanized. Even if Poles are considered as inferior nation (from Norway authorities perspective) this not give right to Norway to behave exactly in same way as Nazi Germany. Serious concerns about Norway history (Sámi people forcible Norwegianization) leading to impression that present Norway more and more frequently begin to be perceived (sadly to say) as a racist country that continue Nazi Germany illicit practice of “Kidnapping of foreign children” by Norway…

    • Sorry we are not infirior. If They think so then We should Take example from Israel and crash everybody who messes with us. We should send back few norwegian diplomats back to fight back. Polish citizen has right to be defended by Poland. US or Israel citizen knows that well and now Polish…

  3. Senior officer in Polish Foreign Ministry calls the expulsion of the Polish consul utterly unjustified and that that the only possible reaction for Poland is mutual action.
    https://twitter.com/SzSz_velSek/status/1094974421209673728 (in Polish)

  4. In Europe, unlawful kidnapping of children happens only in Germany, Austria and Norway. Such a nazi tradition.

  5. over 200,000 of Polish children’s was forcibly removed from parents and brutally Germanized
    It was possible the best thing that could happen to those children. Polish is not a nationality, it’s a diagnose.

    • @Josh my opinion. You are simply stupid. If you have kids go to Norway and give them back. That would be best for them instead having stupid father.

  6. I Heard It is good business out there to cooperate with that office 250 000 nok for being ready for adopting kid and another 250 000 NOK when kid arrives to family. And I Heard only norwegian families got kids. And I Heard yiu had No control on that office. Nice job Norwegians. Good luck but stay away from polish kids… Norwegians in trouble come to Poland we are more civilized because to Take kids away you need to be bastard and you have to be sentenced. In Norway not…

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